Final Fantasy XIII-2 Xbox 360 Save editor V2.0

Update : Version 3.2 Here 

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Save editor Version : By Jappi88

A little tool from Jappi88 to you guys :P

the app will make life a little easier :P

this app is only for Gil , Sarah & Noel HP/CP/Magic/Strengt/ATB

i’m not intended to update this app, since Echelo and Genesis are working on a advanced version… witch Looks awesome BTW.
this is a little taste on what your going to get later on with a lot of suprises.

for now this is all :P

How to Use App :

1. open save from local,ftp or usb device
2. make desired changes
3. Hit save.
4. enjoy 

its all easy 

Special Thanks to :
UnknownV2 & FairChild For the Encryption

CLK Rebellion



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