Dragon Dogma Save Editor

Dragon’s Dogma – Editor
Created by: JizzaBeez

How to use:
1) Extract ~ “DD_Savedata” from “DD_SAVEDATA_00″.
2) Open ~ “DD_Savedata” in this program.
3) Edit ~ the text then Save the file.
4) Replace ~ “DD_Savedata” in “DD_SAVEDATA_00″.
5) Rehash & Resign ~ “DD_SAVEDATA_00″.

1) This program will decompress, compress, and fix the checksum.
2) I made this with only a text editor because it’s easier to edit that way…
3) When opening and saving, the program may take a few seconds to load.

Dragon's Dogma Save Editor
Dragon's Dogma Save Editor

Mediafire : http://www.mediafire.com/?kr65n71c9tv3mve

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  • http://YourWebsite... QH185

    I receive “Error: Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow” when I try to open any DD save.. any ideas?

  • Fan

    Does this also work with the ps3 version