Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 – Save Editor

Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 - Save Editor

How to use:
1. Put your Gamesave on Computer.
2. Open the save in Horizon and extract the ups.dat from the CON.
3. Now open the file with my editor.
4. Then replace the save in the CON with the modded one.
5. Copy it back to your Device and play.

You will notice two Checkboxes “Unlocked” and “Known”.
– Unlocked: The Suit, Accessoire or Item is in the collection.
– Known: The Suit, Accessoire or Item isn’t in the collection, but its displayed grey in the collection with the name.

First choose a character in the upper left corner. The editor will update all stats, when you change the character.

To unlock a single Suit, Accessoire or Item:
1. Choose a Item.
2. Then check mark the “Unlocked” or “Known” box. It’s your choice.
3. Click on “Save Selected”. Now a single Item is unlocked or known.

To unlock more Suits, Accessoires or Items with the buttons:
1. Check mark the “Unlocked” or “Known” box.
2. Now click on a button of your choice.

Example (Unlock all Suits, Accessoires and Items with Tina):
1. Check mark the “Unlocked” box in the Swim Suits area.
2. Then click on the “100% Suits” button.

Now Tina has all Swimsuits.

3. Check mark the “Unlocked” box in the Accessoires area.
4. Then click on the “100% Accessoires” button.

Now Tina has all Accessoires.

5. Check mark the “Unlocked” box in the Item area.
6. Then click on the “100% Items” button.

Now Tina has alle Suits, Accessoires and Items.
You have to do this for all girls.

Download v1.1:

Have fun and report all bugs.

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